Team collaboration

  • Importance of effective collaboration for team productivity
    A collaborative team is much more effective than a hierarchical team. In a hierarchical team, there is a leader or captain who guides the entire team, like in a cricket or baseball game. The leader takes important decisions and each team member has a distinct role to play. Whereas in a collaborative team, there are no leaders and the groups are self-managed with everyone sharing the responsibilities equally. We can say a hierarchical team is a leader with a team and a collaborative team is a team without a leader. There needs to be a high degree of competence and
  • How to leverage online tools for office collaboration
    Key drivers of online collaboration The growing trend of bring your own device to work, rapid adoption of instant messaging, improved cloud security, and social media as a work tool have propelled the use of online tools for office collaboration. Importance of choosing the right tool A good collaboration tool enables employees from diverse geographies to share their ideas and work on shared projects, boosting workplace productivity. According to a report from The McKinsey Global Institute, productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. Another study points out that by using social technologies, companies can raise the productivity of knowledge