• What The New Generation Demands to Have at a Workplace – ReadWrite
    In recent years, the notion of workplace and work has changed because of the new generation of employees – millennials. The population of millennials has increased in workplaces, and they have brought some remarkable changes with them. A remote workplace phenomenon, technological adaptations, and workplace flexibility are some of the many changes they introduced. From
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    Michael Gorman Michael Gorman offers assignment help for students in need. He currently works for custom coursework writing service and Bestessays Uk. In his free time, Michael enjoys writing blog posts that help people become the best version of themselves and his biggest goal in life is to discover the world’s greatest mysteries. Michael’s passion
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    How Technology Can Help Artists Make a Living Through Their Online Audiences It’s been no secret that the music industry has been struggling over the past couple decades. After years of spiraling album sales, the industry hit a new low in 2016, with just over 100 million units sold — a nearly 14 percent decrease
  • Purpose, Balance and Interface Are Keys to Successful Teams – ReadWrite
    In 2019, anxiety is still part of being a startup. But it doesn’t have to be. Capital efficiency is the name of the game, as access to financing rounds is narrowing. Investors are more nervous about bets that may not pay off for some time. They are focused on the business that works today –
  • 10 Principles for Improving Productivity at Work – ReadWrite
    These days there is a lot of pressure on us to be productive and save time. When time equals money, and work output is synonymous with performance, we need to not only be doing great work; we need to be doing efficient work.  B But productivity isn’t just some capitalist ploy to get workers to
  • Top 25 Slack Alternatives for Team Communication and Collaboration – ReadWrite
    Modern companies use a host of tools to improve their workflows and get more done within a single workday. Among those tools, a team chat app is a necessary part of a modern workplace and over the years, Slack has come up as the #1 solution to get this job done. In fact, Slack has
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    A single demo shouldn’t take a clown car. If websites can be built with drag-and-drop tools, Walnut CEO Yoav Vilner asks, then why not product demonstrations? You don’t have to stay home all the time as the world recovers from Covid-19. You don’t even have to limit yourself to solo walks in empty parks. Enjoy
  • Small Business – ReadWrite
    How to File an International Trademark When You’re Ready to Take Your Business Global Congratulations on eyeing the international market for your business growth. We are living in an age of globalization and more and more companies are recognizing the profitability of taking their products and service offerings globally at a relatively small incremental cost.
  • 7 Critical Time Management Skills to Boost Your Productivity – ReadWrite
    We all want to be more productive and improve our time management skills. Unfortunately, while time management is simple in theory, it’s not always an easy concept to put into practice. It takes knowledge, effort, and discipline. Here are seven critical time management skills to boost your productivity. We can’t make you work harder or
  • Entrepreneurs – ReadWrite
    Trade Secrets Claimed by Prolacta to Steal Founders’ Company – Again Elana Medo has dedicated many decades of her life to making mother’s milk available to premature babies. Now a questionable trade secret lawsuit threatens to destroy her life’s work and leave preterm infants without access to life-saving milk. The cost of a Corporation Stealing
  • 9 Warning Signs Perfectionism is Killing Your Productivity
    In today’s rapidly changing world, we are in constant search of instruments and techniques that would make us more productive. We understand: do more, better, and faster if you want to succeed in business and life. Productivity influences our self-esteem. We believe: the more productive we are, the more others will respect us and consider
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    Lesley Vos Lesley is a seasoned web writer, specializing in sales copywriting and storytelling. Currently blogging at Bid4Papers, she also contributes to publications on business, marketing, and self-growth. Follow @LesleyVos on Twitter to see more works of hers. Latest Posts From Lesley Vos In today’s rapidly changing world, we are in constant search of instruments
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  • Best Data Visualization Tools for 2020 Reviewed – ReadWrite
    Big data is often a buzzword. In recent years the big data word has preoccupied business owners and made department managers drool. One crucial prerequisite to big data is to utilize professional data visualization tools. These tools provide a better way to access, explore and communicate your data. Here are the ten best data visualization
  • Matt Shealy, Author at ReadWrite
    Matt Shealy Matt Shealy is the President of Chamber specializes in helping small businesses grow their business on the web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. Latest Posts From Matt Shealy As an eCommerce store, you want to do all you can to reduce fraud.
  • Data and Security – ReadWrite
    Cryptojacking Malware: What It Is and How to Fix It Cryptojacking is a cyberattack like no other. Attackers don’t steal your data or ransom off access to your network. Instead, they commandeer your hardware when you’re not looking and redline the processors to mine cryptocurrency. Since 2017, cryptojacking’s popularity has skyrocketed. Palo Alto Networks’ WildFire
  • Customer Experience Led by Productivity – ReadWrite
    Many large companies approach improving its customer experiences differently. Most common approaches come from the perspective of customer support solutions, user experience design, and account management. While these pathways are vitally important, more businesses could benefit from looking at customer experience through the lens of productivity. The bottom line is when you think about agile
  • 5 ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing eCommerce Marketing – ReadWrite
    Marketing strategies are continuously changing due to increasing technological advancement. Technology is responsible for raising the exceptions of people all around the globe. With an increase in innovations, it’s pretty obvious that customers are expecting more and companies are doing everything to can to remain in their good list. Consequently, competition between companies seems to
  • Electronic Design is Utilizing AI-Enabled Solutions to Render Top-grade Service – ReadWrite
    The advent of AI in the Engineering Industry promises huge leaps in productivity, management efficiencies and bridging the gap between machines and human interaction. AI majorly seeks to conquer a wide range of challenges ranging from shortage of proficiency to the intricacies in decision making. This is why this technology has found a place in
  • How Can You Tell If a Productivity Tool Really Improves Your Performance? – ReadWrite
    Thanks to the advances of the connected world, we have more apps and devices to improve our productivity than ever before. There are thousands of companies all claiming to have the productivity tools you need to work faster, more efficiently, or in a way that’s more compliant—but there are a few problems with these claims.
  • Open Plan Offices Kill Productivity. Here’s What to Do Instead. – ReadWrite
    For years, the business world lived under the false pretense that open plan offices were a killer idea. I myself even bought into the hype. At Netconcepts, the digital agency I founded (and sold in 2010), only the executives had offices with doors that closed. Open plan offices were a win-win for anyone looking to
  • How to Overcome Excellence and Set Yourself on the Path to Genius – ReadWrite
    Let’s assume that you are very good at what you do. You have a lot of clients, you’re in demand, and your skill set allows you to make a good living. In fact, you might be so good that attracting clients and making money isn’t even that much of a big deal. When someone comes
  • 5 Types of Corporate Culture: Which One Is Your Company?
    Culture affects every aspect of your company, from the public’s perception of your brand to your employees’ job satisfaction to your bottom line. Because there’s so much at stake, it’s important that your corporate culture is adaptable and open to improvement – which starts with being able to articulate just what kind of culture your
  • 5 Changes In Your Healthcare Facility That Will Improve Employee Engagement
    If there is one thing that plagues health care workers, it is fatigue. It results in medical errors, illnesses and sacrificed social lives. It also drastically affects employee engagement. However, fatigue isn’t the only thing that affects the engagement of health care workers. Low wages, poor internal communication and work place culture are also contributing
  • How HR Can Take Advantage of Digital Signage for Employee Management
    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a secret formula to managing employees? The truth is, every manager needs to figure out what works best for them and the people under their supervision.  Managers’ duties can seem endless and include conflict resolution, motivating individuals to perform their best, administrating company policies, streamlining communication, and more.
  • A Look at the Future of Chatbots in Customer Service – ReadWrite
    There has been a lot of progress within the customer interaction space. This includes both in the skill sets for customer service personnel, and in the development of chatbots that mimic human conversations. The chatbots are built upon artificial intelligence technologies. Massive paradigm shifts have already occurred in how customers interact with businesses, and now chatbots
  • Understanding and Developing Positive Organizational Culture
    Your work environment is one of the biggest factors to determine how much you like your job and how good you are at it. If you work alongside people who are friendly, willing to compromise, and complete their tasks on time, you are much likelier to be happy at your job than someone who works
  • How to Improve Internal Communication in an Organization
    You already understand the importance of thorough communication with clients, customers, and partners — but do you understand the importance of communication within your organization?  The flow of information between individuals that work for the same company is known as internal communications. Everyone needs to be in-the-loop if the company is to succeed. Unfortunately, improper
  • How Digital Picture Frames Add Personality to Your Space
    Digital picture and photo frames are a beautiful and modern alternative to physically-printed art. Hanging a painting on your wall will never go out of style, but sometimes, you want to display an image with backlight, so the colors and subject stand out. Digital frames are dynamic, too: you can change images once you are
  • Productivity Experts Agree: Your Office Environment Needs to Change – Productivity
    Completely open workspaces might not be the norm for long if employees and productivity experts have their way. According to research conducted by William Belk, 58 percent of top performers want more privacy, and 54 percent say their current spaces have too many distractions to be truly effective. Open designs were originally intended to increase collaboration
  • Increase Ecommerce Sales With Adaptive Ecommerce – ReadWrite
    Traditional commerce and trade practices have always kept the customer in dark about the products being sold and it’s business information. Sellers always had the upper hand while interacting with buyers. This means the true product value was never really made clear to the customer before the purchase. Even when purchasing a discounted product, customers
  • 7 Elements of a Solid Employee Retention Plan
    Did you know that replacing an employee costs six to nine months of their yearly salary? You’ve invested time, money, and energy into training your employee, and you have to do it all over again now that they’ve left. When you hire an employee, you make an investment. The more you set your employees up
  • How Digital Bulletin Boards Improve Employee Communications (And Your Bottom Line)
    How much is poor internal communications costing you? Traditional corporate communication methods can be short-sighted and overwhelming. Between email, online workspaces, phone calls, video conferences, social media, newsletters, and printed signage, it’s easy for information to get lost. But do you know how much that loss is costing your company?  In his survey of 400
  • How Internal Marketing Promotes Positive Workplace Culture
    What is Internal Marketing? The term “internal marketing” may confuse you. Your employees are already aware of your products or services, why do you need to promote them to the people who create or provide them?  Internal marketing treats the people who work for you as though they were customers, but it requires a very
  • 3 Ways Technology Is Improving the Sharing of Knowledge Across Organizations – ReadWrite
    Workplace stress is on the rise. According to the American Institute of Stress, people’s actual workload is responsible for 46 percent of this stress. Trumping the stress triggers is workplace relationships and job security. We’ve never been more connected to our jobs. We are connected to our jobs, our coworkers, and the information we need
  • Is Your Company an Adhocracy (and What Does That Mean)?
    We’ve all been there: you want the higher-ups at your company to approve an idea you have for a project. Your pitch was great, and your supervisors seem excited about it. The process should be simple, but a ridiculous amount of red tape makes it last much longer than you would like. In the end,
  • Enplug ScreenSaver: Software Rollout Templates & Tips
    How to rollout corporate screensavers across your organization When you choose Enplug ScreenSaver as a tool to keep employees informed, you’re showing that your organization values effective communications. So, it’s no surprise that a successful rollout plan starts with just that – helpful messaging on the value the screensaver brings to your organization and straightforward
  • 7 Leadership Lessons You Can Use To Scale Your Company After Nearly Going Bankrupt – ReadWrite
    The odds of business survival are not stacked in your favor. Even the most optimistic business leader cannot argue with the available statistics about business survival rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two-thirds of all businesses make it at least two years while half of all businesses make it to their fifth