• The Best Productivity Apps of 2021 for Small Business Owners
    Did you know that small businesses with less than 20 employees account for 89% of all businesses in the United States? And they’re responsible for creating over 1.5 million jobs per year. This means that, if you’re a small business owner, you’ve got quite a bit of power in terms of the influence you have
  • The Rise of Remote Work and How to Assess Growth and Development – ReadWrite
    COVID-19 has accelerated the rate of remote work adoption globally, but what have we found out? We have discovered that remote work is not bad, after all. In the past, many companies have been wary about transitioning to telecommuting, even when most of their office operations do not require the physical presence of employees. The
  • Cloud – ReadWrite
    The XaaS Economy is Here: How Well Are You Serving Your Customers? We recently commissioned an independent global study of senior management and C-suite executives that looked at the business model changes services organizations are making in the Everything as a Service (XaaS) economy. The XaaS economy is where products and services are delivered in
  • Fintech – ReadWrite
    3 Free Banking Apps for Entrepreneurs Financial institutions and entrepreneurs have a historically complicated relationship. Entrepreneurs need ways to fund their companies and keep business moving, meaning they lean on banks for everything from business loans to checking accounts. And banks need entrepreneurs, too — without small businesses fueling the economy, there isn’t much banks
  • Ekalavya Hansaj, Author at ReadWrite
    Ekalavya Hansaj Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, producer and Author of “How to Grow You Founder at Quarterly Global. Entrepreneur, Investor and Producer at Criminal Wolf Music and Indie MM. Author of “How to grow your startup and small business”. Latest Posts From Ekalavya Hansaj What was once a niche work lifestyle has become commonplace. Millions of
  • Grow – ReadWrite
    How AI Is Finally Spreading Through the Supply Chain The production and distribution of consumer goods and food products are not as cut and dry as it may seem to spectators. With the numerous challenges and complexities throughout the supply chain, artificial intelligence is rightfully standing at the forefront of technological solutions. This is because
  • Marketing – ReadWrite
    Has Martech Made Things Too Complicated? The arrival of martech was heralded as the next stage of marketing. These platforms enabled marketers to gather endless reams of data so they could reconfigure their approach and boost their conversions. The theory was that the better businesses got to know their customers, the more appealing they could
  • Web – ReadWrite
    Will We Someday Be Able to Do Everything Through Online Platforms? In 2005, the average person never would have believed how social media platforms would completely transform the way humans interact. By 2010, that same person never would have dreamed that ride-sharing apps would overthrow the taxi industry within a few short years. Cue 2015,
  • Aurosikha Priyadarshini, Author at ReadWrite
    Aurosikha Priyadarshini Content Marketing & Communications AI Aurosikha works as a senior content marketing specialist for, an enterprise-grade AI virtual assistant platform company. She has a passion for AI, chatbots and when not working, she loves to read books and enjoy experimenting with her cooking and gardening skills. Latest Posts From Aurosikha Priyadarshini FinTech
  • Yoav Vilner, Author at ReadWrite
    You want to feel excited to go into the office after COVID-19. The office you spend your time in every day plays a huge role in that. Here are five work culture trends that improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Companies that have a unique and strong culture see a 4x revenue increase on average. Don’t
  • AI – ReadWrite
    Is AI Going to Benefit HR in Future? The short answer is yes. Get ready for a transformation of your HR department and I’m talking about making it much better. Do you really want to work at your current level of speed and productivity? AI is the key businesses have been waiting to make this
  • Sarah Karakaian, Author at ReadWrite
    Sarah Karakaian Podcast host Stand Out:Growing Your Organizing & Productivity Business Sarah Karakaian is the host of the podcast “Stand Out: Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business,” produced by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Latest Posts From Sarah Karakaian Completely open workspaces might not be the norm for long if employees and
  • Kunal Khullar, Author at ReadWrite
    Kunal Khullar Kunal has 10+ years of experience in software services, development, and team management with diverse offshore software consulting firms in India and abroad. Latest Posts From Kunal Khullar Technology is always making headway in the business world, entrepreneurs and many business veterans have been incorporating the innovational ways to transcend their rivals.           
  • Internal Communications Archives – Enplug Blog
    Internal Communications How to Nail Holiday Greetings at Your Company Holiday greetings go a long way toward making your employees and customers feel valued. They let everyone know you’re thinking about them. However, it can be tricky getting your holiday messaging right. What should you say? How long should your message be? If we’re talking…
  • 18 Internal Communication Strategies for 2020
    Updated January 2021.  How you communicate a message is as important as the message itself. When it comes to internal communications, this certainly holds true. Company culture can give your organization a major strategic advantage in these changing times. But what your culture consists of – goals, values, and practices – must be effectively transmitted
  • Marketing Archives – Enplug Blog
    How to Nail Holiday Greetings at Your Company Holiday greetings go a long way toward making your employees and customers feel valued. They let everyone know you’re thinking about them. However, it can be tricky getting your holiday messaging right. What should you say? How long should your message be? If we’re talking… Read More
  • Product Archives – Enplug Blog
    New Enplug Art Community Helps Artists Grow Their Fan Base Following on the overwhelming success of the Enplug Art App, we’re excited to invite contemporary artists to join Enplug Art. This new initiative furthers our commitment to the art community by helping artists grow their fans and reach new patrons directly in their homes. What…
  • Productivity – ReadWrite
    7 Actionable Ways to Turn Stress into Success Stress is obviously something we’re all trying to avoid, but just because it’s something we try to prevent doesn’t mean it can’t be used to our advantage. Unfortunately, there’s no way of getting around it, so we might as well make the most of it. If we
  • Bart Schachter, Author at ReadWrite
    The odds of business survival are not stacked in your favor. Even the most optimistic business leader cannot argue with the available statistics about business survival rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two-thirds of all businesses make it at least two years while half of all businesses make it to their fifth
  • Startups – ReadWrite
    How to Use Cornerstone Content to Kick-start Automatic-SEO? Businesses today have no time when it comes to creating a website and putting in the right effort to rank in local search. It is perfectly normal since you all know that cost of retaining a customer is way cheaper than acquiring a new one. Similarly a
  • Tech – ReadWrite
    Feature Flags Will Be the Great Enabler of the Connected World The term “connected world” immediately sets some lofty expectations.  If you’ve never heard it before, it sounds as ambitious as it does vague.  But once you start down the rabbit hole of understanding, you’ll find yourself dealing with some truly heady concepts. We’re no
  • Alyse Falk, Author at ReadWrite
    Alyse Falk Alyse Falk is a freelance writer. She handles stories about the latest developments in the field of technology. Passionate about AI, Alyse has extensive experience writing articles and essays on data-driven analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, and IoT devices. In her spare time, Alyse enjoys reading about all things innovative and in
  • How to Optimize B2B Deal Management to Cut Costs and Losses in 2021 – ReadWrite
    A lot of companies suffered supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19. Certain experts have described the situation as a Keynesian supply shock, a negative event that triggers aggregate supply shortages with bigger impacts than the prior reduction in labor supply. There is still a lot of uncertainty in the air, so many businesses still don’t
  • How Workflow Automation is Changing the Back Office – ReadWrite
    The back office of your business consists of employees in administrative and supportive roles. While the admin responsibilities don’t directly work with customers, they’re the engine of your ship. The back-office staff keeps everything up and running no matter what happens up front, and they need support to do so. Workflow automation changes how the
  • 7 Effective, Creative & Practical Ways to Use a TV Screen at Work
    You know that lonely TV sitting in the corner of your office? Your company uses it for training videos now and then — maybe playing the news for background noise — but you cannot help but think, we could use it for so much more.  You’re 100% correct. Why waste a perfectly good television’s potential
  • Bye Bye Boredom: 5 Ways Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Slideshows Can Liven Up Your Work Presentation
    We all know the situation: you have a major work presentation coming up, and you’re afraid of boring your audience to death. Public speaking isn’t exactly your forte. You have a basic PowerPoint prepared, but you wish for a way to make your presentation more exciting and informational.  PowerPoint on its own can only get
  • Software – ReadWrite
    Why Consumers Often Miss Simple Techniques to Resist Cybercrime The majority of cyberattacks aren’t large-scale, coordinated efforts to break through tough defenses and acquire valuable data; instead, they’re simple and opportunistic. A “hacker” might stumble upon someone’s password because they left it written on a sticky note, or they might take advantage of an account
  • Joe Martin, Author at ReadWrite
    Joe Martin VP of Marketing Joe Martin is currently the GM and VP of Marketing at CloudApp, a visual collaboration tool. He has more than 13 years of experience of marketing in the tech industry. Prior to his role at CloudApp, Martin was the Head of Social Analytics at Adobe where he led paid social
  • Customer Service – ReadWrite
    Customer Data Management – A Crucial Step to Increase Your Business Computers continue growing smarter and people continually spend more time online interacting with them. As such, there’s more data available out there than ever before. Regardless of your position in the business world, you understand the relevance and importance of this information. Properly managing
  • Stephan Spencer, Author at ReadWrite
    Stephan Spencer Stephan is an internationally recognized SEO Expert, author, blogger professional speaker, consultant, and founder of Netconcepts. Latest Posts From Stephan Spencer YouTube is the second largest search engine, and Facebook’s algorithms increasingly favor video content. If you’re not posting video to these platforms (and others) regularly, you’re likely missing out on traffic and
  • Lead – ReadWrite
    Why Your Startup Should Protect Employees’ Vacations (at Nearly Any Cost) Technology has become both a blessing and a burden. Our devices allow us to work from anywhere, be flexible, and, in theory, strike work-life balance. But the double edge to that connectivity is that people are increasingly working late into the evening, responding to
  • How to Nail Holiday Greetings at Your Company
    Holiday greetings go a long way toward making your employees and customers feel valued. They let everyone know you’re thinking about them. However, it can be tricky getting your holiday messaging right. What should you say? How long should your message be? If we’re talking about on-site or in-office signage with copy displayed in multiple
  • Boosting Your Productivity While Working from Home – ReadWrite
    The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our working culture and environment critically. Who knew that this pandemic would transform the work culture along with a drastic shift of working from home? Every organization that we come across today is struggling with something or the other. The transformation has changed the life of the employer and employees
  • Harshita Kale, Author at ReadWrite
    Harshita Kale With the passion of Writing and Marketing, Harshita Kale manages freelancing projects and a part-time job. She is curious in nature and helps businesses with new ways to build their brand and boost sales. Latest Posts From Harshita Kale The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our working culture and environment critically. Who knew that
  • 9 Health Tips for Working Remotely
    The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for everyone. Many people have lost their jobs, and those fortunate enough to work remotely have had to adjust their routines. These major changes raise an important question: how are remote workers supposed to stay healthy, especially now?  Whether you are new to working remotely or a seasoned pro,
  • How Traditional Banks can Stay Ahead of Fintech Firms with Conversational AI – ReadWrite
    FinTech firms present a credible threat to incumbent banks. Leveraging a combination of technology, consumer-centric service, and flexible business practices, fintech firms reduce the cost of doing business, extending their customer base, and taking market share from established traditional banks. Despite this threat has been present for some years now, many banks believe they are
  • Does Modern Tech Demand an “Information Diet?” – ReadWrite
    The miracle of modern technology is that it provides us with all the information we ever wanted—and then some. In the span of a few seconds, you can easily learn facts about science, history, and other subjects. You can send a message to people all over the world. And you can gather the latest details
  • Digital Nomad 2.0: Managing Income
    Do you know this simple yet effective exercise you can do right at your office desk? First off, stand up next to your chair. Then walk out of the office and never come back. Yes, a joke used to be a dream come true for most people working a 9 to 5. Here is digital
  • 16 Holiday ScreenSaver Ideas for the Workplace
    Celebrate any holiday with these Enplug ScreenSaver ideas You might not associate the holidays with work, but vacations like Thanksgiving are very important to your employees. And we all know that corporate communication is most effective when it addresses what employees care about. Holiday screensavers and wallpapers are an easy way to bring the spirit
  • 6 Brilliant Brain Hacks for the Remote Worker – ReadWrite
    What was once a niche work lifestyle has become commonplace. Millions of Americans now work remotely – and millions more are ready to join in. While remote working offers many benefits, it also has its own distinct challenges that must be worked through. Understanding how to power through friction and optimize productivity for better output
  • Question Everything You Know about Your Business Processes – ReadWrite
    There may have been a time when an organization’s automation strategy was defined primarily by siloed, ad hoc, and task-based workflows. Now, however, the most effective and impactful initiatives require business leaders to ask bigger, more challenging questions beyond simply what tasks can be automated and the ROI on cost reduction. Here is how to
  • Why Digitizing Supply Chain Management Will Lead to Greater Efficiency in the New Normal – ReadWrite
    Going by Deloitte’s report on the performance of SMBs in a digital world, the majority of SMBs have not digitized their supply chain management. Since much of the world has gone digital, this means that several SMBs remain backward and struggle with inefficiency in supply management. The digitization of supply chain operations helps companies to
  • HR Automation – The Way to Ensure Stable Business Growth – ReadWrite
    We are living in the age of technology and innovation. Traditional processes and workflows have become outdated. Operations and process models are being reinvented to increase cost-effectiveness. However, not all businesses are adapting to the revolutionized business process, which results in increased costs, a lack of efficiency, and halted growth. Outdated processes end up damaging
  • COVID-19: Kicking Digital Transformation into Overdrive – ReadWrite
    While many businesses considered going digital, the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a massive accelerant. Businesses have moved operations remotely, with 43% of U.S. workers working off-site some or all of the time. However, many are experiencing major disruptions due to the unexpected and forced adoption of remote work, as they must quickly scale to
  • 10 Different Ways to Use Employee Feedback Software at Your Workplace – ReadWrite
    Running a company with a large number of employees is not an easy nut to break. Apart from managing a business or company — managing employees is another important responsibility for the owner. Here are ten different ways to use employee feedback software at your workplace. Run the feedback — but how do you react?
  • 8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Time Management Skills – ReadWrite
    Entrepreneurs often think of an asset as funding for their startup, talent that provides a competitive advantage, or proprietary technology that differentiates their offerings in products or services. A company may not realize that just as valuable as all other resources — if not, more — is time. Time is a critical asset — augmented
  • Effective Tips to Ensure Project Management Success – ReadWrite
    The job of a project manager is a challenge itself, whether you are involved in construction projects or software development projects. There are often hindrances that threaten to derail projects. From managing resources to ensuring adherence to budget and keeping up with the timelines, there is a lot that needs the project manager to complete
  • Big Data Address Covid-19 Concern in Healthcare Industry
    The Coronavirus Pandemic has spurred interest in big data to track the spread of the fast-moving pathogen and to plan disease prevention efforts. But the urgent need to contain the outbreak shouldn’t cloud thinking about big data’s potential to do more harm than good. Here is how big data analytics address COVID-19 concern in the
  • What is Corporate Social Responsibility and How Can You Communicate It to Your Employees?
    Definition: Corporate Social Responsibility Countless companies promise to make a positive impact, but what is corporate social responsibility? Otherwise known as CSR, corporate responsibility is an organization’s acknowledgment that the rest of the world matters. A company cannot pursue profit at any cost; it must respect people’s livelihoods, the environment, and social issues.  As such,
  • Most Common Difficulties Confronted by Android App Developers – ReadWrite
    While creating portable apps, organizations target Android because of its gigantic overall versatile working framework piece of the pie. Alphabet in order has made Android accessible as an open-source versatile stage for everyone, including Android App Developers. Additionally, it refreshes the versatile working framework at normal stretches with new highlights and upgrades. Yet, the infiltration
  • Boost Employee Engagement In The Era Of Digitization
    Employee engagement lays down the foundation for the success or the downfall of any organization and is something that most managements tend to struggle with. This is very well demonstrated by the results of a study carried out by Gallup on employees across 142 countries. Here’s how to boost employee engagement in the era of
  • How Publishers Grow Traffic After the Latest Google Update? – ReadWrite
    *Mentioned products, tools in the article are non-affiliated and non-sponsored. After Google announced its latest core update on May 4th, more and more publishers have faced a significant drop in their traffic. Having armed with key data and metrics, I would like to share with you four major tips on how to recover from this
  • The Death of Meetings: How New Forms of Collaboration Are Taking Over – ReadWrite
    If you’ve ever been stuck in a two-hour meeting with nothing to contribute and nothing to learn, you’ve felt the pain of inefficient meetings—and you’ll be happy to hear that these days of wasted time and mismanaged resources may soon be over.  It’s not quite accurate to say that meetings are dead, or even that
  • 7 Best Tools to Create a Highly Productive Work Environment
    Most businesses work on several projects and the work requirements keep on changing every now and then. The real challenge kicks in when you need to work on multiple projects having tight schedules. With so many tasks lined up for you, it becomes difficult to manage work and get things done within the predefined time
  • Performance Management in the Gig Economy | Readwrite
    Unlike the remote employee who operates in the gig economy, many employees working in traditional settings, and annual performance reviews are a normal part of their work-life as coffee breaks and paid time off. However, these annual performance reviews have proven to be highly ineffective and painful for both managers and employees.  Performance management in
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Protect and Enable Your Remote Workforce – ReadWrite
    With more employees working from home today, it’s becoming harder to protect and enable a geographically distributed workforce. Remote work poses unique security challenges and risks that must be faced by employers. Also, companies must consider individual requirements of their employees workers, from enabling secure and fast Wi-Fi connection to ensuring employees feel engaged and
  • Knowing WFH Preferences Key to Employee Recruitment and Retention – ReadWrite
    It’s no secret that there’s substantial competition in the tech industry for great talent. Understanding what motivates employees and what type of work environments they prefer can go a long way in attracting the best tech talent. As a result of the pandemic impacting the future of work, major tech companies are taking note and
  • Avoid Burnout and Loneliness from Remote Work – ReadWrite
    Remote working has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The prevalence is great if you value freedom and are self-motivated, but the downside is remote work loneliness. Here is how to avoid burnout and loneliness from remote work. At the beginning of your remote work, it’s easier to avoid loneliness while working from
  • How to Onboard Remote Engineers: A Practical Guide from an Expert – ReadWrite
    Onboarding a new remote developer is arguably one of the most important things you can add to your core competencies if you want to assure your new hires’ success. Here is how to onboard remote engineers — with a practical guide from an expert. Today, with COVID-19 making every new hire remote, excellence in onboarding
  • 6 Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Schools
    Printed signs are out-date, labor-intensive, and disconnected, so why do so many schools still use them? Now that kindergarten to university students are all digital natives, it’s time schools invested in more modern communication systems.  Digital signage is a cost-effective alternative that streamlines communication in schools. From sharing morning announcements to helping students find their
  • Why Nearshoring is Vital to the U.S. Tech Sector Right Now – ReadWrite
    In June 2020, President Trump temporarily suspended work for H-1B visa holders in the United States. Demand for top-tier tech talent was already fierce in the U.S. before the decision. Still, the ban has placed significant additional pressure on companies that can no longer rely on sourcing international workers. Here is why nearshoring is vital
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need to Reopen Your Business With IoT – ReadWrite
    Coronavirus made us all come up with new solutions. We have figured out distance learning, zoom meetings, social distancing, and not going insane while sitting at home all day. We did a pretty decent job. However, now we have to learn how to go back to life before the pandemic hit. It is not as
  • How to Enable Successful Remote Environments – ReadWrite
    Work-life has changed drastically and unpredictably since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly everyone that can work from home has done so, and with little time to prepare. While this is non-traditional remote work experience, many business leaders are considering supporting remote work permanently – at least in some capacity – as we emerge
  • The Technology Problems Lurking Behind the Remote Work Revolution – ReadWrite
    The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for millions of people around the world, but it’s also presented entrepreneurs and innovators with an opportunity for transformation—a chance to rethink how we work and interact with others. Millions of businesses that never would have otherwise considered operating remotely switched to a remote work model as a precaution
  • 7 Best Practices That Will Encourage Collaboration Among Your Employees
    People are social creatures, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that no matter what the job is, your employees will produce better work when they join forces. Unfortunately, not all of your employees likely go out of their way to cooperate on projects or even get along. With cooperation essential to your business’s success, it’s
  • How to Ensure High Productivity of Your Remote Workers – ReadWrite
    Remote work is on the rise globally. There are various reasons for the rising trend of remote workers. The connected global economy brings companies to skilled, less expensive labor markets. Technological advances and the ubiquity of the internet allows people to stay connected wherever they are. Now you’ll want to ensure happiness and high productivity
  • What The New Generation Demands to Have at a Workplace – ReadWrite
    In recent years, the notion of workplace and work has changed because of the new generation of employees – millennials. The population of millennials has increased in workplaces, and they have brought some remarkable changes with them. A remote workplace phenomenon, technological adaptations, and workplace flexibility are some of the many changes they introduced. From
  • Purpose, Balance and Interface Are Keys to Successful Teams – ReadWrite
    In 2019, anxiety is still part of being a startup. But it doesn’t have to be. Capital efficiency is the name of the game, as access to financing rounds is narrowing. Investors are more nervous about bets that may not pay off for some time. They are focused on the business that works today –
  • 10 Principles for Improving Productivity at Work – ReadWrite
    These days there is a lot of pressure on us to be productive and save time. When time equals money, and work output is synonymous with performance, we need to not only be doing great work; we need to be doing efficient work.  B But productivity isn’t just some capitalist ploy to get workers to
  • Top 25 Slack Alternatives for Team Communication and Collaboration – ReadWrite
    Modern companies use a host of tools to improve their workflows and get more done within a single workday. Among those tools, a team chat app is a necessary part of a modern workplace and over the years, Slack has come up as the #1 solution to get this job done. In fact, Slack has
  • 7 Critical Time Management Skills to Boost Your Productivity – ReadWrite
    We all want to be more productive and improve our time management skills. Unfortunately, while time management is simple in theory, it’s not always an easy concept to put into practice. It takes knowledge, effort, and discipline. Here are seven critical time management skills to boost your productivity. We can’t make you work harder or
  • 9 Warning Signs Perfectionism is Killing Your Productivity
    In today’s rapidly changing world, we are in constant search of instruments and techniques that would make us more productive. We understand: do more, better, and faster if you want to succeed in business and life. Productivity influences our self-esteem. We believe: the more productive we are, the more others will respect us and consider
  • Best Data Visualization Tools for 2020 Reviewed – ReadWrite
    Big data is often a buzzword. In recent years the big data word has preoccupied business owners and made department managers drool. One crucial prerequisite to big data is to utilize professional data visualization tools. These tools provide a better way to access, explore and communicate your data. Here are the ten best data visualization
  • Customer Experience Led by Productivity – ReadWrite
    Many large companies approach improving its customer experiences differently. Most common approaches come from the perspective of customer support solutions, user experience design, and account management. While these pathways are vitally important, more businesses could benefit from looking at customer experience through the lens of productivity. The bottom line is when you think about agile
  • 5 ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing eCommerce Marketing – ReadWrite
    Marketing strategies are continuously changing due to increasing technological advancement. Technology is responsible for raising the exceptions of people all around the globe. With an increase in innovations, it’s pretty obvious that customers are expecting more and companies are doing everything to can to remain in their good list. Consequently, competition between companies seems to
  • Electronic Design is Utilizing AI-Enabled Solutions to Render Top-grade Service – ReadWrite
    The advent of AI in the Engineering Industry promises huge leaps in productivity, management efficiencies and bridging the gap between machines and human interaction. AI majorly seeks to conquer a wide range of challenges ranging from shortage of proficiency to the intricacies in decision making. This is why this technology has found a place in
  • How Can You Tell If a Productivity Tool Really Improves Your Performance? – ReadWrite
    Thanks to the advances of the connected world, we have more apps and devices to improve our productivity than ever before. There are thousands of companies all claiming to have the productivity tools you need to work faster, more efficiently, or in a way that’s more compliant—but there are a few problems with these claims.
  • Open Plan Offices Kill Productivity. Here’s What to Do Instead. – ReadWrite
    For years, the business world lived under the false pretense that open plan offices were a killer idea. I myself even bought into the hype. At Netconcepts, the digital agency I founded (and sold in 2010), only the executives had offices with doors that closed. Open plan offices were a win-win for anyone looking to
  • How to Overcome Excellence and Set Yourself on the Path to Genius – ReadWrite
    Let’s assume that you are very good at what you do. You have a lot of clients, you’re in demand, and your skill set allows you to make a good living. In fact, you might be so good that attracting clients and making money isn’t even that much of a big deal. When someone comes
  • 5 Types of Corporate Culture: Which One Is Your Company?
    Culture affects every aspect of your company, from the public’s perception of your brand to your employees’ job satisfaction to your bottom line. Because there’s so much at stake, it’s important that your corporate culture is adaptable and open to improvement – which starts with being able to articulate just what kind of culture your
  • 5 Changes In Your Healthcare Facility That Will Improve Employee Engagement
    If there is one thing that plagues health care workers, it is fatigue. It results in medical errors, illnesses and sacrificed social lives. It also drastically affects employee engagement. However, fatigue isn’t the only thing that affects the engagement of health care workers. Low wages, poor internal communication and work place culture are also contributing
  • How HR Can Take Advantage of Digital Signage for Employee Management
    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a secret formula to managing employees? The truth is, every manager needs to figure out what works best for them and the people under their supervision.  Managers’ duties can seem endless and include conflict resolution, motivating individuals to perform their best, administrating company policies, streamlining communication, and more.
  • A Look at the Future of Chatbots in Customer Service – ReadWrite
    There has been a lot of progress within the customer interaction space. This includes both in the skill sets for customer service personnel, and in the development of chatbots that mimic human conversations. The chatbots are built upon artificial intelligence technologies. Massive paradigm shifts have already occurred in how customers interact with businesses, and now chatbots
  • Understanding and Developing Positive Organizational Culture
    Your work environment is one of the biggest factors to determine how much you like your job and how good you are at it. If you work alongside people who are friendly, willing to compromise, and complete their tasks on time, you are much likelier to be happy at your job than someone who works
  • How to Improve Internal Communication in an Organization
    You already understand the importance of thorough communication with clients, customers, and partners — but do you understand the importance of communication within your organization?  The flow of information between individuals that work for the same company is known as internal communications. Everyone needs to be in-the-loop if the company is to succeed. Unfortunately, improper
  • How Digital Picture Frames Add Personality to Your Space
    Digital picture and photo frames are a beautiful and modern alternative to physically-printed art. Hanging a painting on your wall will never go out of style, but sometimes, you want to display an image with backlight, so the colors and subject stand out. Digital frames are dynamic, too: you can change images once you are
  • Productivity Experts Agree: Your Office Environment Needs to Change – Productivity
    Completely open workspaces might not be the norm for long if employees and productivity experts have their way. According to research conducted by William Belk, 58 percent of top performers want more privacy, and 54 percent say their current spaces have too many distractions to be truly effective. Open designs were originally intended to increase collaboration
  • Increase Ecommerce Sales With Adaptive Ecommerce – ReadWrite
    Traditional commerce and trade practices have always kept the customer in dark about the products being sold and it’s business information. Sellers always had the upper hand while interacting with buyers. This means the true product value was never really made clear to the customer before the purchase. Even when purchasing a discounted product, customers
  • 7 Elements of a Solid Employee Retention Plan
    Did you know that replacing an employee costs six to nine months of their yearly salary? You’ve invested time, money, and energy into training your employee, and you have to do it all over again now that they’ve left. When you hire an employee, you make an investment. The more you set your employees up
  • How Digital Bulletin Boards Improve Employee Communications (And Your Bottom Line)
    How much is poor internal communications costing you? Traditional corporate communication methods can be short-sighted and overwhelming. Between email, online workspaces, phone calls, video conferences, social media, newsletters, and printed signage, it’s easy for information to get lost. But do you know how much that loss is costing your company?  In his survey of 400
  • How Internal Marketing Promotes Positive Workplace Culture
    What is Internal Marketing? The term “internal marketing” may confuse you. Your employees are already aware of your products or services, why do you need to promote them to the people who create or provide them?  Internal marketing treats the people who work for you as though they were customers, but it requires a very
  • 3 Ways Technology Is Improving the Sharing of Knowledge Across Organizations – ReadWrite
    Workplace stress is on the rise. According to the American Institute of Stress, people’s actual workload is responsible for 46 percent of this stress. Trumping the stress triggers is workplace relationships and job security. We’ve never been more connected to our jobs. We are connected to our jobs, our coworkers, and the information we need
  • Is Your Company an Adhocracy (and What Does That Mean)?
    We’ve all been there: you want the higher-ups at your company to approve an idea you have for a project. Your pitch was great, and your supervisors seem excited about it. The process should be simple, but a ridiculous amount of red tape makes it last much longer than you would like. In the end,
  • Enplug ScreenSaver: Software Rollout Templates & Tips
    How to rollout corporate screensavers across your organization When you choose Enplug ScreenSaver as a tool to keep employees informed, you’re showing that your organization values effective communications. So, it’s no surprise that a successful rollout plan starts with just that – helpful messaging on the value the screensaver brings to your organization and straightforward
  • 7 Leadership Lessons You Can Use To Scale Your Company After Nearly Going Bankrupt – ReadWrite
    The odds of business survival are not stacked in your favor. Even the most optimistic business leader cannot argue with the available statistics about business survival rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two-thirds of all businesses make it at least two years while half of all businesses make it to their fifth