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The entire digital payments landscape has faced significant structural changes over the last few years and keeps growing as a valuable payment option for shoppers worldwide. Now, with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus causing operational adjustments everywhere, more companies are adopting global payment solutions to fuel growth and remain profitable.  As companies continue to digitize their operations, […]

Legal tech includes software and other tools that help attorneys and their support staff to provide legal services to clients. Many new applications empower reputable firms to improve their efficiency and adapt to mobile working environments. Here’s how legal tech companies are re-shaping the legal world. Legal tech also gives small firms and individual practitioners […]

Every year, we spend more and more time on the Internet. With the arrival of COVID19, millions of people are using it from home more than before. From work to online shopping, social media, and dating, apps integrate with our lives in new ways all the time. But as more users join these apps and […]

As the Internet becomes more ingrained in every facet of our work and personal lives, industries that primarily rely on person-to-person interactions have started to adopt new technology. Adopting new technology allows companies to free up valuable time and resources for future development. Here are five ways technology is transforming the real estate industry. Some […]

Marketers can take advantage of data to build effective email marketing campaigns tailored to their target audience. Studying and tracking data over time reveals what does and doesn’t work. And marketers can use a/b testing to rectify mistakes, overcome issues, and achieve better results. Sourcing data to personalize campaigns is simple enough thanks to the […]

Digital marketing is a series of tools that most modern businesses use to bring customers to their products and services. It involves using digital outlets like websites, social platforms, and software applications as marketing channels. There are a wide variety of options in digital marketing encompassing many different methods. Some marketing techniques that fall under […]

When starting a business, it’s typical to look for venture capital, angel investors, and even co-founders to help get the company up and running. While funding is necessary for almost all businesses, seeking it out yourself isn’t necessarily the right path for everyone. Instead, knowing how to bootstrap your startup might be a better option. […]

entrepreneur anxiety and depression

Entrepreneurs may hear “fake it until you make it” and “defeat imposter syndrome” more than the average person. Many people only notice entrepreneurial success — the money, the cars, the new office. But what they don’t see are the sacrifices entrepreneurs make to create success — likely for years. Many people don’t see the mental […]

coffee, culture, and tech

Seattle has long been known for inciting the country’s coffee culture, but now that we’re all sufficiently caffeinated, these days it’s the technology scene that’s causing a buzz. Situated well north of the traditional tech enclave known as Silicon Valley, Seattle has come into its own as a magnet for innovative companies and a supportive […]


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