The Best Productivity Apps of 2021 for Small Business Owners

Did you know that small businesses with less than 20 employees account for 89% of all businesses in the United States? And they’re responsible for creating over 1.5 million jobs per year. This means that, if you’re a small business owner, you’ve got quite a bit of power in terms of the influence you have on your local economy and community. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure you have the right tools to be as productive as possible.

As we begin the year, it’s a good idea to step back and assess your business goals, including where you want to be at the end of the year. Take time to organize your business processes, workflows, and practices. As part of this, analyze which tools you’re currently using to boost productivity and which kinds of tools you still need to incorporate. Need some ideas? Here are our picks for the best productivity apps of 2021 for small business owners.

Productivity Apps for Business Owners

1. Clariti App

First thing’s first, let’s talk about communication. If you’re the CEO of a small business or are trying to manage a remote team during these trying times, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got great communication across all channels. While most people use Slack, Gmail, and other messaging tools, it’s helpful to use an app that’ll allow you to do more than just message, call, and send files. Enter: Clariti App.

Compared to other messaging apps, Clariti ranks top due to the sheer number of integrations it offers its users. It provides all of the standard messaging app features such as messaging, calling, and emailing and allows you to create to-do lists, schedule events on a shared calendar, and connect to social media. And the best part, you can keep all your information in context, thus making you more productive in the long run. It’s an all-in-one business app for busy owners.

2. Burner

If you employ a team of freelancers or part-time remote workers, you might not want to invest in new corporate email accounts or business phone numbers each time you bring on a freelancer for a short-term project. In that case, use the Burner app to give the contractors their temporary number.

While it doesn’t offer all of the same functionalities as Clariti App, Burner allows you to connect to Slack, Google Drive, and even Dropbox so that temporary workers can communicate with your team without needing a permanent corporate email or phone number. This is also an excellent tool for busy small business owners who want a way to separate their work life from their home life.

3. Trello

When it’s time to organize projects, there’s no better platform than Trello (well, perhaps maybe Asana, depending on your workflow and creative needs). It’s an invaluable project management platform that allows you to create workflows, assign tasks, update team members, and share files. In short, it’s an extremely helpful way to organize your business projects and boost productivity, especially if you own a service-based or creative business.

Perhaps some of the most helpful Trello features include the ability to organize tasks based on priorities, set deadlines, create calendars for project milestones, and assign each task to a group or individual team member. Overall, it’s a great way to gain a comprehensive overview of what needs to get done and who is doing it.

4. Tide

Have a hard time turning off at the end of a workday or need help concentrating while you work through the day’s tasks? Try Tide, a focus timer, and a white noise app. Available on Android, iOS, and now as a Google Chrome extension, Tide allows you to customize your timer to suit your needs. Choose from five natural settings, including the ocean, a magical forest, and a cafe, as you immerse yourself in a world full of concentration.

The timer features a short break after a period of focus, which has been proven to help users maintain their concentration for more extended periods. You’ll be prompted to stop your current task and take a break before diving back into the Tide app’s white noise. Still having trouble concentrating? Turn on Immersive Mode to block all incoming messages and distractions.

5. RescueTime

As a small business owner, you likely spent quite a bit of time doing, well, everything. If you have a hard time focusing on the task at hand, try using RescueTime. When activated, it tracks the amount of time spent on various tasks and applications. However, the best part about this productivity app is that it lets you set alerts when you reach certain time limits. 

If you tend to browse Facebook too much during working hours or want to remind yourself only to spend an hour managing invoices, set an alert, and RescueTime will let you know once you’ve hit your time limit. At the end of each week or month, generate a report via the app and see where you’re spending and wasting time.

6. Expensify

As a small business owner, you likely spend a lot of time tracking expenses, creating financial reports, and logging invoices. It’s a task that needs to be done but also one that takes a lot of valuable time away from your day that you could spend on other tasks that’ll grow the business. To help increase your own productivity, use Expensify.

The app makes keeping track of expenses a whole lot easier by allowing you to link business cards (or even your personal card). The app will then log expenses according to spending categories and generate reports whenever you need them. Have tons of paper receipts you need to enter as well? Simply snap a photo and import it into the app!


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