Kunal Khullar

Kunal has 10+ years of experience in software services, development, and team management with diverse offshore software consulting firms in India and abroad.

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Actions bringing better results to customers

Technology is always making headway in the business world, entrepreneurs and many business veterans have been incorporating the innovational ways to transcend their rivals.            They say if Content is the king, Customer experience is the queen.  Customer experience purely depends on how you make your customers feel during the interactions. The way you sort […]

ecommerce trends for 2019

BigCommerce says, 51% of Americans prefer to make a purchase online, and 96% of Americans have made at least one online purchase in their lives. Just a decade ago, physical stores were the only shopping solutions for customers. Today, with the headway in digital trends, it has become easier for merchants to reach out the […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Using AMP In E-commerce And AI

The rise of mobile device usage has surpassed that of the desktop from previous years. Now, the mobile page rankings, the volume of organic search traffic, and the load on the servers — all require equal momentum on mobiles as on desktop web page. But, how can you keep pace? Using Google’s advancements in mobile […]

Increase Ecommerce Sales With Adaptive Ecommerce

Traditional commerce and trade practices have always kept the customer in dark about the products being sold and it’s business information. Sellers always had the upper hand while interacting with buyers. This means the true product value was never really made clear to the customer before the purchase. Even when purchasing a discounted product, customers […]