Has Slack, Microsoft Teams made face-to-face meetings dinosaurs of our era?

09 Sep

Online collaboration has made communication incredibly easy by solving the problem of time and distance. Through online collaboration, teams can work from diverse locations and engage in asynchronous communication without the need for physical presence. While instant messaging and emails have drastically reduced the ‘waiting time’ for information, tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Clariti have helped employees better organize their communication and increase productivity. The big question to ask is: Can the online collaboration completely replace face-to-face meetings?

In spite of the deep economic downturn because of the current pandemic, the benefits brought about by online collaboration has been a silver lining to society. Both employers and employees have experienced significant financial savings by working remote from their homes. The benefits of online collaboration were so significant where almost 43% of full-time employees in the USA expressed their willingness to work remotely even after the pandemic, according to a GetAbstract survey.

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