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A single demo shouldn’t take a clown car. If websites can be built with drag-and-drop tools, Walnut CEO Yoav Vilner asks, then why not product demonstrations?

quarantine safely

You don’t have to stay home all the time as the world recovers from Covid-19. You don’t even have to limit yourself to solo walks in empty parks. Enjoy life a little and de-stress—just make sure you’re taking your health seriously by practicing prevention.

FluidStance The Level Balance Board

As a balance board for standing desks, the Level by FluidStance is a truly unique product. With certifications that include the Mayo Clinic’s NEAT certification, an eco-friendly design, and high-quality materials, this is a product worth considering as a tool to do better in today’s sedentary work and life environments. Here’s my review. First of […]

Foreao Luna 3 Men

Offering a new way to clean and soften beards, the Foreo Luna 3 for Men uses its patented T-Sonic pulsations for a deep facial clean. Priced at $199.99, the cleanser also works for those without facial hair as well as a pre-shaving tool device. This means any guy can benefit from this facial cleaning line […]

Many employees will continue to feel anxious and unsafe until a trusted vaccine hits the market. Until that time, businesses can either allow employees to work from home or take measures to keep their office environments as safe as possible.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

As much as technology has penetrated our daily lives, transforming it for the better, we cannot help but notice yet a constant anomaly. Pedestrian and cyclist accidents are still a problem even with all the traffic signs, marked pavements for pedestrians, and whatnot. Here is why pedestrian and cyclist safety is now !Important. Accidents are […]

SaaS may not have changed the way you do business just yet, but it’s poised to do so soon.


Sydney-based Chargeasap is the first to market with its launch of Omega, considered to be the world’s smallest 100W & 200W GaN USB-C Charger through a Kickstarter crowdfunding program. About Chargeasap Chargeasap is a consumer electronics start-up company that is based in Australia.  The company is behind numerous accessories for mobile devices and charging products. […]

Air Pro Home

Air purifiers are an important device in our home, keeping pet hair and particulate matter at bay. Previously, I reviewed the Molekule Air Mini and found it to be one of the better air purifiers on the market. After that review, the company gave me a larger model to try to better accommodate a much […]

Mackie Multimedia Monitor

In looking for Bluetooth speakers for my laptop set up in my office, I stumbled upon the Mackie Cr5-XBT 5″ multimedia monitors with Bluetooth. Priced at $220, these multimedia monitors deliver on the price point. Here’s my review. About the Mackie Multimedia Speakers Mackie’s CR Series Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors come in many different types. […]

digital calendar

The way we work is changing faster than ever, and we need a calendar that can keep pace with the times.

accessiBe dashboard

Developing an accessible website should be your business’s top priority. Accessibility refers to the ease with which a disabled person can access your website, and can use it — just like any other person without these limitations. The term, accessibility is an essential part of the design that you can’t afford to ignore. Here are […]

The problems caused by a newly remote workforce call for advanced technological solutions like Plume, a smart home services pioneer co-founded by Fahri Diner.

WFH teams

2020 has thrown the entire world a real curveball when it comes to where and how we work together.  Just a year ago, as a company, we were mulling over the benefits of having some of our employees work from home. We considered that we would start with a few trusted team members working from […]

ReST Mattress

The ReST Bed is one of the latest mattresses to hit the market, offering a truly smart mattress. Available in the ReST Bed Original or ReST Bed with Purple Grid, these smart mattresses feature customizable firmness settings. These smart features include a memory foam comfort layer and a smart sensor layer as well as a […]

Baseus ear phones

Baseus, a well-known consumer electronic brand headquartered in China that makes everything from chargers, hubs, and protectors to IOT and gaming devices, small household appliances, and cables, is using Kickstarter to launch its latest product. I was fortunate enough to get a pair of these Tag earbuds, early, from the manufacturer to try out and […]

female wearing mask covid

Here are several tools and measures that can work to keep your workers productive and empowered, as well as assured that you’ve kept their needs in mind.

asian woman and black woman at a computer

Led by president and CEO Tracey Grace, a Black woman herself, IBEX is working to bring inclusivity back to an industry that lost it long ago.

Best ETL Tools

Table of Contents Introduction What ETL Tools Do Top ETL Tools in 2020 Top ETL Software Available Selecting the Right ETL Tool Best ETL Tools ETLRobot Blendo Stitch Xplenty Informatica Alooma Talend IRI Voracity Etleap Pentaho Platform CloverDX Fivetran Segment Elastic Apache Nifi Azure Final Thoughts Introduction to Top ETL Software Guide In today’s world, […]

black female remote worker on phone and laptop at desk

New tools are popping up every day that are designed to help your team. What it means to work together is changing, and utilizing some or all of these tools will help you remain a cohesive, effective team — no matter where you are.


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